“You don’t exact a fee when you love your children. You do that because it is part of you. And what is this but a regard for a larger family than your own?”
Sir Peter Ustinov

The Foundation

The Foundation
For all the children of this world

The Peter Ustinov Foundation is a charity for children founded by Sir Peter Ustinov and his son Igor Ustinov in 1999. Since then, we have supported or initiated more than 50 aid projects worldwide. We are helping children, regardless of their social, cultural, religious or ethnic origin. In keeping with the spirit of Sir Peter and the Ustinov family our work focuses on three aspects which are Help for children in need, Education and Creativity.


The Projects

The Projects
All good things come in threes
Help for children in need

Peter Ustinov was an UNICEF goodwill ambassador for more than 30 years.
It was his greatest wish to help children in need, and to continue this support beyond his lifetime with his own foundation.
We are helping children in desperate situations, such as orphans, street kids, children with facial disfigurement and young trafficked prostitutes.
You can find our aid projects all over the world. In Africa, for instance, we help children with facial disfigurement. In India we rescue displaced girls from prostitution or in Bolivia we support one of several “Ustinov World Schools”.

Awareness and education for a better future

Several of our aid projects worldwide do not only involve medical care and help in desperate situations.  For Sir Peter access to education has always been the key to open doors for children to a self-sufficient future and a life in dignity. In St. Petersburg, Russia, for example, the foundation supports the children’s circus “Upsala” which helps street kids by giving them a professional artistic training. Awareness of prejudice is another central concern of the foundation.

Sir Peter believed that only education can prevent prejudice which in his opinion has always triggered conflicts and disputes. His commitment inspired quite a few other institutions which are linked to the Peter Ustinov Foundation: eight schools in Germany carry the name of Peter Ustinov. In addition the Ustinov College in Durham, England, and the Sir Peter Ustinov Institute in Vienna, Austria, promote the scientific research of prejudice.

Encouragement for young creative talents

Giving support and encouragement to youngsters in developing their creative talent has always been a heartfelt concern of the foundation and of the Ustinov family. We want to give children a chance, especially to those who otherwise couldn’t afford any lessons or professional training.

Apart from the positive effects of artistic training, we want children and teens to grow in their personal development and their social skills. These sponsorships are our own projects. We support young creative talents primarily in the Ustinov areas film, theatre and opera in close cooperation with expert partners via a growing network of Ustinov Opera Schools, Ustinov Theatre Schools or Ustinov Film Academies worldwide.  

Giving Ustinov Awards for outstanding accomplishments of young creative talents is an obvious line of action as Sir Peter Ustinov not only won an OSCAR twice but received various awards for his larger-than-life creative works and achievements.

Would you like to help children in need?

Would you like to grant all children access to education?

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