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With a creative welcome gift the Peter Ustinov Foundation welcomes the many refugee children who found their way to Germany . In the creative package are high-quality art utensils as well as words of welcome by children for children . Through the power of creativity , the Ustinov Foundation wants to set an example of openness , tolerance and respect: The first important step for a successful integration.



The Foundation

The Foundation
For all the children of this world

The Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation, based in Frankfurt, Germany, was founded in 1999 by Sir Peter and his son Igor Ustinov who still chairs the charity arm of the Ustinov family to this day. In keeping with the spirit of Sir Peter and the values of the Ustinov family, the work focusses on granting children – irrespective of their cultural, social, religious or financial background – a chance of an independent and optimistic future primarily through granting access to education.


Please watch the video about Sir Peter Ustinov’s life and his good cause

The Projects

The Projects
All good things come in threes
Help for children in need

Sir Peter Ustinov was an UNICEF goodwill ambassador for more than 30 years.
It was his greatest wish to help children in need, and to continue this support beyond his lifetime with his own foundation.

Granting access to education was always Sir Peter’s highest priority as he was convinced that education is the key to a world with less poverty, less diseases, less pollution, and perhaps most importantly, fewer conflicts. So the Ustinov Foundation, jointly with trusted local partners, continuously builds and sustainably supports a global network of Ustinov World Schools as well as Ustinov Stage Schools which give abandoned street kids a proper creative education in theatre, music or even circus.  

But the Ustinov Foundation looks after the pressing basic needs of vulnerable children too, focusing its commitment to particularly excluded children like orphans, children with facial disfigurement and young trafficked prostitutes.

In the last 10 years the Ustinov Foundation has initiated and supported more than 50 aid projects worldwide.


Awareness and education for a better future

Education plays a central role in all aspects of the Foundation because for Sir Peter and the Ustinov family education is fundamental for openness, tolerance and mutual respect.

There are eight public Peter Ustinov schools in Germany which all embody the Ustinov values. The Ustinov Foundation supports all Peter Ustinov Schools in their efforts to emphasize creative subjects, to live an “open-mind” culture and to adopt social responsibility. But also all Ustinov World School network partners have to sign a curriculum which postulates: to include all children into quality education, to grant access to all kind of arts to youngsters, to fight prejudices wherever they appear and to promote children's rights and equality.

In its overall education approach the Ustinov Foundation jointly with the Ustinov College in Durham, England (, as well as the Ustinov Institute in Vienna, Austria (, fully supports the research and the efforts to eliminate prejudices. For Sir Peter Ustinov prejudices are the origin of all conflicts and only education offers the key for an open-minded, more peaceful world.



Supporting young creative talents

Giving support and encouragement to youngsters in developing their creative talent has always been a heartfelt concern of the foundation and of the Ustinov family. We want to give children a chance, especially those for whom lessons or professional training are not affordable.

Apart from the positive effects of artistic training, we want children and teens to grow in their personal development and their social skills. These sponsorships are our own projects. We support young creative talents primarily in the Ustinov-related areas of film, theatre and opera in close cooperation with renowed public or private partners via a growing network of Ustinov Opera Schools, Ustinov Theatre Schools or Ustinov Film Academies worldwide.  

Giving Ustinov Awards for outstanding accomplishments of young creative talents is a natural extension of this as Sir Peter Ustinov not only won an OSCAR twice but also received many awards for this extensive creative works and achievements.