Annual Reports

Our annual reports for the past several years are available for download in our online archive as PDF files. Alternatively, one can browse through them online. The reports contain detailed information on the structures of our organization and partners, as well as further details about current and completed projects.

  • 01.01.2022Jahresbericht 2019-2020Download
  • 20.04.2019Jahresbericht 2017-2018Download
  • 14.06.2017Jahresbericht 2015-2016Download
  • 11.11.2015Jahresbericht 2012-14Download
    Jahresbericht 2012-14, PDF, 24 Seiten, 3,6 MB
  • 11.11.2015Halbjahresbericht 1/2015Download
    Halbjahresbericht 2015, 5,9 MB
  • 31.12.2011Jahresbericht 2011Download
    Jahresbericht 2011, PDF, 24 Seiten, 1,3 MB
  • 31.12.2010Jahresbericht 2010Download
    Jahresbericht 2010, PDF, 44 Seiten, 7.1 MB
  • 31.12.2009Jahresbericht 2009Download
    Jahresbericht 2009, PDF, 31 Seiten, 5.1 MB
  • 31.12.2008Jahresbericht 2008Download
    Jahresbericht 2008, PDF, 26 Seiten, 9,1 MB
  • 31.12.2007Jahresbericht 2007Download
    Jahresbericht 2007, PDF, 19 Seiten, 1.6 MB

The Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation is a non-profit organization under public law. It is recognized as an NGO and approved as such in Munich. The foundation thus has legal capacity. The strategic orientation is determined by its goals, which are set by the Board of Trustees and Management Board in accordance with the statutory purpose.