Academy of Creativity

Aim of the Academy of Creativity (AoC) is to make art, music and theatre more accessible to the young and at the same time provide children with practical content and thus increase their chances for a better future.

The AoC therefore combines life skill training and academic after-school support with extra-curricular education in the fields of art, music and drama. Core elements are drama classes, choirs, music and arts lessons for children from Walmer Township. The classes are taught by established artists in their respective fields. Young people can explore their talents and skills on beginner-, intermediate- and advanced levels, inspire their peers through performances and exhibitions and thereby increase their personal levels of self-confidence and resilience classes are supplemented by a life skills curriculum which ensures that participants develop not only in a creative but also in a personal manner. Furthermore, all have access to Masifunde's academic and social assistance to ensure that educational support is as holistic as possible.

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