Kigamboni Community Centre

KCC was founded in 2007 by a group of friends from Kigamboni. These were Festo, Rashid, Nassoro and George. After suffering from severe family poverty, parental abuse, lack of education and homeless childhoods, they wanted to give back to the community that helped them grow into respectable adults. With a lot of work, sacrifice and determination, they started teaching their skills to local children in the nearest available shelter. As the children started dedicating themselves to their education and community, the dream of a viable and sustainable community centre started to grow. In 2009, KCC obtained official recognition as a registered not-for-profit organization in Tanzania. KCC operates on the contributions made by its dedicated management team and local as well as international volunteers. It offers services to hundreds of community members on a daily basis. Many of the activities are taught by former students of KCC.

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