Ustinov College, Durham (England)

Alongside Oxford and Cambridge, Durham is one of the oldest universities in England.

Ustinov College in Durham is a postgraduate college and part of one of England's oldest universities.  In 2003, it was renamed in honor of Sir Peter, who was also Chancellor of the University as of 1992. Graduates from all faculties attend seminars on diversity and intercultural understanding, which are discussed openly and across all disciplines. The over 1,600 college students refer to themselves as “Ustinovians” in honor of their namesake. Every three years, the Ustinov Scholarship is awarded to a research project that deals scientifically and comprehensively with the topic of "prejudices". All faculties are represented on campus and the student body is composed of over 100 different nations, so that diversity is not only theorized but also lived practically on campus.

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