Who we are

The Peter Ustinov Foundation is a charity for children in need. It was founded by Sir Peter Ustinov in 1999 together with his son Igor Ustinov. You will find us in Frankfurt am Main. Over the past 20 years, we have supported, promoted and initiated more than 60 aid projects worldwide.

In addition, the Ustinov Foundation is actively involved in education together with Ustinov College in Durham, England (www.dur.ac.uk/ustinov.college), and the Ustinov Institute in Vienna (www.ustinov.at) to foster a "Culture of Respect". For Sir Peter Ustinov prejudices are one of the main causes of conflict and an "open mind" (empowered by education creativity) one of the most effective means for a tolerant society.




One Life is not enough

What we do

The Foundation's activities focus on empowering young people worldwide through access to education and creativity. Helping children in need is our main objective. But it was equally important to Sir Peter and the Ustinov family to give young people, over and beyond basic care, the means and opportunities which enable them to take their future into their own hands. We help children all over the world regardless of their social, cultural or ethnic origins. The foundation cooperates and supports carefully selected, experienced and trusted local partners in order to achieve this goal.

Education against poverty and need

The Peter Ustinov Foundation provides help where it is most needed: it supports street children and orphans, children who are socially disadvantaged due to poverty or educational deficits and are therefore excluded from society. It provides medical care in some of the poorest regions of the world, ensures the transport to school or simply  adequate nutrition in the affected regions. It offers children an alternative to a life on the street and gives them a perspective for a dignified future life.


Helping young people to develop their creative talent is a heartfelt concern of the Ustinov family which has, itself, brought forth a multitude of famous artists. Therefore, the foundation promotes cultural diversity and the personal development of children by supporting creative projects and enabling children to develop their creative talents. Above all, the foundation seeks to help those who cannot afford to support the creative talents of their children. The foundation implements its own funding concepts together with renowned partners, especially in the areas of film, theatre and opera.


Education is of central importance in all the foundation’s fields of activity. For Sir Peter, it was prerequisite for an open mind, tolerance and mutual respect. Our versatile educational projects give children the chance to go to school on a regular basis, to learn a profession or a craft and to lead a self-determined life. Through education, people in rural areas are made aware of the causes of diseases and the dangers of human trafficking. At the Ustinov College in Durham (England) and at the Sir Peter Ustinov Institute in Vienna, education also stands for the elimination of prejudices and their often-unconscious effects, with scientific research dedicated to this theme.

The Team

Igor Ustinov as chairman of the Board of Trustees ensures that the open mind of Sir Peter Ustinov persists in the work of the Foundation. Marie Korbél, an entrepreneur with artistic and creative roots, manages the foundation as CEO. She met Sir Peter personally at an early age. Since 2021, Ali Taşbaşı has strengthened the Foundation as a second board member, having previously been on the Board of Trustees since 2019. As a successful businessman, he has many years of experience in business as well as in international markets and cultures.In addition, the team is supported by a competent, committed board of trustees, prominently staffed with experts in the fields of education, foundation and economics.




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